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GRIP HOUSE MUSIC takes no ownership in your music – everything you create belongs to you & your CO-AUTHORS alone.

equal share between songwriter, producer & artist

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Grip Camp

Welcome to GRIP HOUSE MUSIC's Original Songwriting Camp!

In our camp for music creators you can be creative without publishing pressure and away from the music business everyday life. And best of all: GRIP HOUSE MUSIC does not take any shares in your music – everything you create belongs to you & your co-authors alone.

Depending on the season, we meet either in a cozy country house in winter or at a picturesque waterfront location in summer.

But the camp is more than just time off! It's a week-long constant exchange of around 20 creative minds. Together we share our skills, get inspired by new perspectives and support each other.

Each day you will be divided into groups and usually work for one day in small teams of three or four people. The goal is to work with as many different people as possible. This way, after the camp you can continue to work with those whose energy suits you.

The focus here is on experimentation and networking.

Grip Camp X

GRIP CAMP X is the smaller sibling of GRIP CAMP, and is a variant for workaholics and the socially anxious. Here we offer studio collaborations and customized exclusive camps for artists – the classic variant of a songwriting camp. 

With about 10 participants, the group is kept smaller and carefully arranged as needed (genre camp, artist camp, etc.). And best of all, GRIP HOUSE MUSIC takes no ownership of your music – everything you create is yours & your co-authors' alone.

Here, the focus is on targeted collaboration.