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Our Values


Equality of opportunity among our members. Even though not everyone will always have a place in every project, our goal is to implement as much programming in different regions so that everyone can get their dose of grip.

open source

There are no industry secrets at GRIP HOUSE MUSIC. If you have questions, you'll get answers. Whether it's about business or practice, no question is too stupid or too discreet. If we don't have the answers, we'll direct you to the right person.


Even though experience has shown that competition makes us work more efficiently, we work without it for a change. For us, it's primarily about artistic and economic exchange.
To create a supportive network. That's why we work without the dog–eat-dog mentality. 

About Us

Grip House Music Team

Songwriting camps have been organized around Violeta Zlabinger's network since the beginning of 2022.

Since the fall of 2022, GRIP HOUSE MUSIC has been a non-profit organization consisting of a multi-headed team. The focus of our work is on organizing songwriting camps and benefits for members. 

The goal is to give as many people as possible, regardless of income, access to an extensive artistic and economic network through networking, cooperation and funding (private + public). No matter if producer, songwriter, artist or musician - we connect them all.

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